Digi International unveils TX64 5G Rail router designed for rail-transit applications

Digi International unveiled the Digi TX64 5G Rail, expanding the portfolio of transit routers to include a cellular router specifically designed for rail-transit applications.

Digi TX64 5G Rail

Digi’s new high-performance cellular router features 5G connectivity with 4G failover, rail-grade certifications, and complete integration with Digi’s centralized, intelligent network management platform, Digi Remote Manager, that integrates device-resident software for edge computing and cloud-based management software for unsurpassed resilience, security and usability. Digi TrustFence provides an advanced security framework for Digi devices.

When deployed, the solution provides rail systems with superior connectivity from a remote desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Users can also use the geofencing capabilities of the onboard Digi TX64 5G Rail device to proactively alert when a rail vehicle is out of bounds, which improves safety and operational efficiency.

“Thanks to the increasing availability of 5G and the continuing rollout of smart-city and smart-mobility projects, modern private and public rail systems are becoming more prominent – and more connected – in places that reach beyond traditional urban centers,” said Justin Schmid, Vice President and General Manager for Digi Cellular.

“The TX64 5G Rail provides an upgrade for current and future rail systems, leveraging the latest 5G and GNSS technology to drive myriad onboard applications such as pinpoint location accuracy, critical and noncritical traffic segmentation, fare collection, automatic passenger counts, computer-added dispatch, and secure passenger internet access.”

With untethered dead reckoning, the Digi TX64 5G Rail improves on standard GPS features that most routers lack, delivering consistent accuracy – even in areas with signal interference, such as urban areas, canyons, tunnels, and remote rail yards.

The Digi TX64 5G Rail offers these key advantages:

  • Centralized management – Thanks to Digi Remote Manager, customers remotely monitor and control device configuration and management with complete security and edge intelligence – all from a remote desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • High performance and redundancy – In addition to 5G connectivity with 4G failover and a quad-core 64-bit processor, the router includes four M12 gigabit Ethernet ports, and two gigabit Wi-Fi 5 radios.
  • Ruggedness – The rugged aluminum enclosure includes TNC connectors; shock and vibration resistance that meets MIL-STD 810G; EN50155 certification; an industry-leading extended temperature range; and vehicle power plus ignition sense.
  • Security – Integration with Digi TrustFence provides secure code, ports, and protocols with continuous security monitoring through the device lifecycle.
  • Reliability – With the 5G cellular radio, dual SIMs, failover, all running on Digi Accelerated Linux, the Digi TX64 5G Rail delivers reliability.
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