Vaultree’s Encryption-as-a-Service solution allows companies to process end-to-end encrypted data

Vaultree introduced an Encryption-as-a-Service solution to improve data protection for the cloud era. The company’s end-to-end encryption technology provides companies in highly regulated industries with a solution that makes it possible to work with fully encrypted cloud data at scale, maintaining top performance without the need to decrypt data or surrender encryption keys.

Vaultree Encryption-as-a-Service

Data breaches are anticipated to cost an estimated $6 trillion in damage to the global economy by the end of 2021, with attacks growing in intensity due to increased vulnerabilities in cloud, mobile devices, and the vast amount of existing breached data.

While companies have financial incentives to scale using distributed tools like cloud computing services, they must also comply with industry standards and federal regulations that require restriction of access to sensitive data. At the same time, legacy encryption techniques are buckling under the strain of scale and are cumbersome to deploy and manage.

Vaultree enables organizations to work with their data in any kind of cloud environment, database or in conjunction with third-party SaaS tools in a fully end-to-end encrypted form while staying compliant. Its solution provides highly regulated businesses with:

Ease of integration and use: Vaultree enables companies to be at the forefront of data security with a zero-knowledge approach, with an easily integrated solution that’s simple to use for any enterprise.

Boosted security and control: Vaultree keeps sensitive data fully encrypted even while being used, stored or shared and gives the user full key control, never requiring a disclosure to Vaultree or a cloud provider. Audit logs and access management are included.

Enhanced performance and scalability: Users get the highest performance power with an infinitely scalable solution that can be used across multiple industries and platforms.

Tilo Weigandt, co-founder, Vaultree, said: “Traditional encryption solutions can’t scale for today’s needs. Highly regulated organizations need the ability to freely access and use their data without having to reveal their encryption keys or data content to anyone. Vaultree’s Encryption-as-a-Service solution provides a fully compliant and frictionless way for organizations to protect their most sensitive data without sacrificing performance.”

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