ZeroFox Physical Security Intelligence provides real-time situational awareness for security teams

ZeroFox announces a new Physical Security Intelligence solution, delivering visibility and intelligence on supply chain disruption, major events and public safety incidents that may impact worksites, locations, employees, customers and the general public.

ZeroFox Physical Security Intelligence

The solution delivers high-relevancy alerts on natural disasters, major disruptions and other health and safety concerns. Corporate security teams receive timely, high-fidelity notifications of events that may pose public safety risks to their sites and locations and the people they are protecting.

For security professionals charged with protecting worksites and people – corporate security, public safety officers, operations security – it is very challenging to process all of the inputs that may alert them to threats. Digital platforms have provided new ways for people to report sudden events. It is difficult for security teams to constantly monitor the right feeds, identify threats relevant to them and get that information quickly to the right people.

“Today’s digital world has created a unique challenge and opportunity for enterprise organizations dedicated to public safety,” said Bill Chase, Retired FBI Special Agent in Charge. “The rise in global connectivity requires security teams to have situational awareness and early warning of incidents that could impact citizens, employees and agencies themselves.”

ZeroFox’s AI-driven platform identifies potential incidents, sorting through massive amounts of data over digital platforms, including the deep and dark web and social media. Expert analysts validate physical alerts, locate the impact areas and stream timely geolocation-specific alerts to the right place.

“Physical Security Intelligence is another example of how ZeroFox is committed to providing security teams full-spectrum threat intelligence,” said AJ Nash, Vice President of Intelligence, ZeroFox. “The combination of our AI-powered platform and global physical security analyst team allows us to get the right information to the right people to protect their worksites, employees, customers and the public.”

The ZeroFox Physical Security Intelligence solution delivers:

  • High-relevancy public safety alerts for worksites, major events or general geographic areas that matter to you, AI processed and vetted by our team of expert physical security analysts
  • Timely notifications of public safety incidents, providing time to act and avoid risk
  • Critical information and context to understand the nature of the events and their potential impact on the organization and their people
  • Protection of executive or VIP locations and travel sites
  • Advanced intelligence services available for customized escalations, hotline notifications and expert threat analysis of events

According to The Forrester Tech Tide: Digital Physical Security And Employee Safety, Q2 2020, “The increasing severity and scope of potential security attacks require organizations to reevaluate and reassess their current physical security posture to determine if existing plans and policies are appropriate for dealing with today’s myriad of physical threats.”

“Providing a safe and secure environment for employees is priority number one. The sheer volume of global incident data makes it challenging for any security team to collect, analyze and prioritize specific threats to the safety of work locations and personnel,” said Rob Gray, Vice President of Operations & Executive Security. “Having immediate visibility into relevant events is invaluable for protecting assets and all stakeholders.”

As the physical and digital world continues to merge, security teams must incorporate physical security intelligence into their broader cyber threat intelligence strategy to ensure the comprehensive safety of locations, assets and people.

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