CyberLink integrates FaceMe Facial Recognition into FaceScan’s temperature screening kiosks

CyberLink announced a partnership for the integration of its FaceMe Facial Recognition into FaceScan’s temperature screening kiosks.

CyberLink FaceScan

The FaceScan no contact temperature screening kiosks come with check-in capabilities, temperature verification, live notifications, complete with people identification, powered by FaceMe’s facial recognition engine and rich feature set.

“Facial recognition is enhancing our everyday lives, from securing physical access and data protection, to enabling contactless experiences that are not only enjoyable but highly relevant for the fight against COVID-19,” said Dr. Jau Huang, Chairman and CEO, CyberLink.

“Thanks to the accuracy, flexibility and comprehensive feature set of FaceMe, we were uniquely positioned to provide FaceScan’s temperature screening kiosks with core functionalities such as guiding the thermal sensor to precisely measure temperature on the forehead, perform mask detection and accurately identify people even when they wear a mask, all while supporting a positive and unintrusive experience for customers and employees.”

CyberLink’s FaceMe engine is ranked as one of the most accurate facial recognition technologies in the world by the renowned National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), with an accuracy rate of up to 99.7%. Even when a mask is worn, it maintains an accuracy rate of up to 98.9%.

“After evaluating a multitude of face recognition options, we chose FaceMe for its affordability, speed, and accuracy. Our partnership with CyberLink and the integration of FaceMe into our FaceScan thermal scanners, give us a notable competitive advantage,” said Theo Flores, CEO of FaceScan. “By integrating FaceMe’s enhanced facial recognition, our thermal scanning solution is second to none. It allows us to match and temperature check people in less than a second, which amounts to a 300% increase in speed over our previous system,” Flores said.

FaceMe is uniquely positioned to integrate edge-based AI facial recognition into a wide range of IoT and AIoT solutions. It is optimized to run on most hardware & software configurations. FaceMe provides system integrators with fast, flexible, and precise facial recognition SDK solutions.

It supports HTTP, C#, and C++ making it quick and flexible to deploy FaceMe across a wide range of scenarios, including security monitoring, access control, public safety, smart retail, and home protection.

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