Veriff launches New Account Onboarding to meet stringent regulatory requirements online

Veriff announced a New Account Onboarding feature that establishes better trust online between a business and its consumers. This process starts with a built-in KYC feature, which is helping to meet stringent regulatory requirements online.

Veriff New Account Onboarding

Using artificial intelligence to gather data on the backend, this new feature provides additional security measures for identity to be truly verified to enable more online trust between businesses and consumers.

Today’s modern consumer expects a fast, secure, and seamless online experience. For a business to retain customers digitally, they must provide this sought-after experience, otherwise customers will leave. Businesses are constantly challenged to get the customer to the next step in the buying process – and if they don’t, it massively affects the business’ bottom-line, making this feature more critical than ever.

Veriff is able to provide this KYC verification by leveraging its video technology and elements on the backend by:

  • Providing a guided AI-powered user experience
  • Supporting the most (9,900+) identity verification documents in the industry
  • Giving real-time feedback to the user if there are issues
  • Handling scenarios where users might make mistakes in order to easily troubleshoot
  • Operating on multiple channels (web, mobile, native SDKs)
  • Innovating ways to help users further with NFC and QR code options
  • Providing built-in dynamic fraud prevention tools
  • One stop shop – integration for KYC & AML checks

“The rapid move towards digitization over the past year has changed the ways businesses interact with their customers online,” said Ibrahim Al-Taie, Product Marketing Manager at Veriff. “In order to meet the growing demand of a seamless user experience online, businesses need a fast and scalable identity provider that can ensure trust among their customers and keep their operations in motion. Veriff is here to solve these challenges and ensure our customers can provide their users with a frictionless and trustworthy online experience.”

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