Cynamics NDR provides visibility and threat prediction without having to install appliances or agents

Cynamics announced an NDR solution to provide visibility and threat prediction without requiring the installation of an appliance or agent in the customer’s network.

Cynamics NDR

Organizations need a rapid, low-touch cybersecurity solution that can keep networks safe and at peak performance without operational overhead or blowing their IT and security budget. The Cynamics NDR offering onboards in less than one hour and can be completed solely by the customer, without assistance from Cynamics.

Customers don’t have to be domain experts, as Cynamics’ AI technology creates a network blueprint that offloads the entire security stack from the customer and does the work for them.

Cynamics provides these benefits at a fraction of the cost of a standard NDR solution:

  • Risk-free deployment – The solution creates no additional attack surface and is completely passive; there are no permissions to the customer’s network and no collecting or storing any sensitive or private customer information at any time
  • Self-managed autonomous technology – Customers save time and money through dramatically lowered management requirements compared with competing offerings
  • High coverage and performance – Improvements of 90% or more over typical NDR solutions in terms of asset discovery, network visibility and threat prediction

Jon Moored, Network and Systems Administrator, Kalamazoo County Consolidated Dispatch, said: “I self-onboarded my organization to Cynamics within minutes and received immediate value within a few hours. The solution kept our network and its sensitive data safe and prevents sophisticated attacks that we would never have seen otherwise. We’re happy to have Cynamics in our corner.”

Shaun Morse, vice president of government sales and customer success, Cynamics, said: “With Cynamics, for the first time, organizations can immediately gain full network visibility and are provisioned with the most sophisticated threat detection capabilities on the market. This is done without having to install appliances or agents, which increases the attack surface, makes organizations susceptible to supply chain attacks and increases cost. Cynamics helps organizations eliminate these unnecessary costs and threats to their infrastructure.”

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