TrustLogix Data Security Governance Platform helps data scientists modernize their data infrastructure

TrustLogix announced its Data Security Governance Platform, a proxyless, cloud-native platform to unify data security, privacy and compliance without sacrificing performance.

TrustLogix Data Security Governance Platform

As enterprises further embrace digital transformation initiatives, the challenge of managing and securing data becomes more complex. TrustLogix Data Security Governance Platform was created to help data scientists and engineers modernize their data infrastructure in the cloud, making data at once accessible by the right users and completely secure and compliant.

Digital transformation initiatives are driving massive data growth and migrations to the cloud, increasing the complexity around all facets of the business that touch data, especially security. This complexity is exacerbated by decentralized data security and privacy policies, which can be highly manual, resource-intensive and error-prone.

TrustLogix addresses these challenges by delivering a unified solution for discovery, fine-grained data entitlements, and monitoring that operates at cloud scale across all major cloud providers. Its current customers include one of the largest global investment banks, one of the top three social media platforms in the world, as well as leaders across the healthcare, fintech, and insurtech industries.

The TrustLogix Data Security Governance Platform helps data scientists and engineers scale data-driven innovation across all clouds and data platforms without performance tradeoffs. It provides:

  • Intelligent monitoring & discovery – 360-degree monitoring and discovery into who is accessing what data across all platforms and clouds. Machine learning-powered intelligence delivers observability insights and recommendations into data use patterns, abnormalities and overly broad permissions;
  • Fine-grained controls – create, deploy and enforce specific access controls and masking, down to the row and column level. Ensures that enterprises easily meet privacy and compliance requirements; and
  • Performance-at-scale – delivered through a proxyless, cloud-native architecture that doesn’t touch the data.

TrustLogix breaks down organizational silos and empowers data, security operations and governance teams to work together to deliver a stronger security posture without sacrificing time-to-value. The TrustLogix Data Security Governance Platform integrates with a variety of platforms and tools such as Amazon Redshift, Databricks, Tableau, SQL Server, MySQL, and more.

“Enterprise data sharing and protection challenges are not going to go away. From chaotic dependencies to complex data security to lack of usage visibility, modern enterprise data concerns are becoming more complex. Enterprises must secure their data while meeting privacy and compliance requirements and can’t be bogged down in the process. We created the TrustLogix Data Security Platform – to give enterprises a way to democratize data security and accelerate business innovation without sacrificing performance,” said Ganesh Kirti, Founder and CEO, TrustLogix.

“To drive digital transformation forward, we need to make sure the right data is available to our data scientists and analysts so that they can quickly access the data for analytics in a tightly controlled way. TrustLogix gives us the cloud-native architecture to solve this problem by allowing security to mandate the framework, letting our data stewards define the policies that govern their data while securing it at the source so it scales without proxies or agents,” said Jerry Kowalski, Americas’ CISO, Jefferies.

“We have watched security evolve from the outside in — perimeter firewalls to SSO to authorization to API security. Ultimately, organizations are trying to protect their data and we invested in TrustLogix because its approach and architecture are ideally suited to today’s data-centric and cloud-first organizations,” said Promod Haque, Senior Managing Partner, Norwest Venture Partners.

“Persistent advises large global enterprises on their digital transformation programs to realize business insights through data they already have. This gives Persistent a unique perspective on the complexities and nuances of data security in ensuring privacy and compliance on one hand and monetization and personalization on the other. Persistent is working with TrustLogix to address a key component of data security – granular access within the organization. TrustLogix has addressed this ubiquitous problem while still delivering on business benefits at unparalleled speed,” said Samir Agarwal, SVP – Partnerships & Alliances, Persistent.

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