MOXFIVE expand its platform with DFIR services to improve incident response for organizations

MOXFIVE announced the addition of Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services to expand its Incident Management Platform offerings.


As the complexity of cyber-attacks grows, victims are increasingly faced with managing multiple service providers during the incident response process resulting in added stress during an already turbulent time. MOXFIVE’s Incident Management platform is re-writing the incident response playbook by leveraging the expertise of MOXFIVE’s Technical Advisory team to curate and manage a unique Partner Ecosystem facilitating execution at scale.

MOXFIVE’s platform approach enables victims of attacks to work with a Technical Advisor who provides the expertise and guidance they yearn for in this time of crisis, and at the same time facilitates the delivery of all technical needs required, consistently and efficiently.

This new offering brings MOXFIVE closer to achieving its mission of minimizing the business impact of cyber-attacks and providing victims of attacks peace of mind.

“Incorporating traditional DFIR services into our incident management platform approach was the next logical step in MOXFIVE’s growth story,” says Mike Wager, MOXFIVE Founder and CEO. “With the addition of traditional DFIR services, we are better able to streamline the Forensics, Recovery, and Resilience workstreams across the various applicable service providers resulting in an improved incident response experience for impacted organizations.”

Extending the Incident Management Platform

MOXFIVE’s Incident Management as a Platform approach introduces scale to the incident response experience by focusing on speed and efficiency.

MOXFIVE’s Technical Advisors draw from experience responding to thousands of cyber-attacks to clearly define technical problems for business leaders and legal counsel.

MOXFIVE manages the incident response process from initial call through to completion by leveraging the MOXFIVE Partner Ecosystem consisting of products and services with the assistance of specialized providers. MOXFIVE works with each client to develop the most effective response strategy and assists in procuring and implementing the necessary services and products, creating the most efficient way for companies to respond and resume business operations securely.

Connecting organizations with top-tier solution providers and leading the respective technical workstreams enables MOXFIVE to manage incidents at a scale unmatched by traditional professional services firms.

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