Report: The ROI of Modern Pentesting 2021

Does your pentesting program bring enough value? Find out in this exclusive in-depth report comparing Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) vs. traditional consulting engagements and check out our ROI calculator to learn how PtaaS can double your pentesting impact.

ROI Modern Pentesting 2021

What’s covered

Pentests, whether done with traditional consulting firms or up-and-coming PtaaS providers, have become a critical component across all security programs. But how can you objectively compare these two approaches and pick the right one?

Download the report to quantify the value and the cost savings PtaaS can bring to your organization including:

  • Being able to increase test depth and coverage almost twice with the same budget.
  • Improving security by starting remediation on issues much sooner.
  • Integrating pentesting into agile and DevOps application development processes.
  • Enabling pentesting to be conducted on short notice for time-sensitive projects.

This report is no longer available.



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