Cyware partners with Flashpoint to empower security teams to automate threat response workflows

Cyware announced an expanded partnership with Flashpoint to deliver intelligent automation to security teams. The partnership now features a solution that enables customers to leverage Flashpoint’s intelligence data with Cyware’s Security Orchestration Layer (CSOL), providing the advanced workflow automation necessary to help security analysts build more efficiency into threat response.

Cyware Flashpoint

The enhanced partnership features Cyware’s CSOL orchestration solution integrated with Flashpoint core collections—enriched datasets that provide insight and key context into the latest and most critical threats from threat actor communities and other crucial sources.

The combined capabilities of CSOL and Flashpoint’s threat intelligence enable security teams to confidently automate workflows by escalating critical incidents or indicators related to organizational risk. The joint integration maximizes analyst efficiency and reduces the need for manual internal processes by proactively mitigating risks to the enterprise.

“The combination of Cyware and Flashpoint empowers security teams with the enriched context and intelligent automation needed to identify and thwart emerging threats to proactively address the evolving threat landscape,” said Josh Lefkowitz, CEO of Flashpoint.

“The early success we have already experienced together has truly been remarkable. Our expanded partnership enables our mutual customers to better protect their most critical infrastructure and assets through automation.”

Through the newly expanded partnership, joint customers are provided with the ability to:

  • Access Flashpoint’s extensive threat intelligence sources, including illicit communities and technical data, as well as identified compromised credentials that add value and context to existing intelligence feeds through the Cyware platform.
  • Jumpstart automation and orchestration efforts by using Cyware’s vast library of pre-built playbooks and customizing them to specific workflows.
  • Create queries related to threat intelligence requirements and automate response efforts based on internal workflows and systems.
  • Universally search within CSOL across integrated Flashpoint datasets, delivering unprecedented context to security teams.

“By building on our existing partnership with Flashpoint, the industry benefits from two of the leading threat intelligence technologies available on the market today,” said Anuj Goel, CEO, Cyware.

“Our customers are able to streamline security operations and stay ahead of threats to their organizations through the careful application of intelligent automation and real-time threat intelligence.”

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