Castellan releases Crisis Management module to drive organizational readiness and response

Castellan Solutions released a new Crisis Management module that empowers organizations to act and respond in the critical moments following the onset of a business disruption.

Castellan Crisis Management module

The risk landscape is evolving, and business as usual is being challenged every day. As supply chain disruptions continue and cyber attacks increase in scale and frequency, it’s no longer a question of if disruption will occur, it’s when.

Taking a holistic approach to managing risk through resilience management, organizations can fully integrate and optimize readiness activities (operational resilience, business continuity, disaster recovery, and compliance planning) and response activities (crisis/incident management and emergency notification) to minimize the impact of business disruptions affecting their people, reputation, customers, and revenue.

Castellan’s SaaS platform offers a fully integrated solution that helps users analyze and prioritize risk, develop actionable response and recovery plans, communicate with employees via multiple channels, stress test plans via plausible scenarios, and quickly mobilize response teams in the critical moments of an incident occurring – all within a single platform.

The Crisis Management module seamlessly integrates with Castellan’s multi-modal emergency notification capability and allows organizations to confidently communicate and manage an incident through:

  • Task management: Activate plans and drive accountability with interactive task management and tracking, with an ability to assign ad hoc tasks based on the unique nature of the incident.
  • Encrypted chat: Collaborate securely across teams with encrypted chat inside each incident, even if normal channels are compromised.
  • Mobile functionality: Drive all response coordination, from incident creation to task management, straight from your mobile device.
  • Executive dashboards: Provide real-time updates on the situation and the overall response.

“To confidently achieve the right level of resilience, organizations must work to close high priority vulnerabilities and build a world-class response capability,” stated Jon Ezrine, CEO of Castellan Solutions. “The innovation and expansion of our SaaS platform paired with our consulting and managed services enables our clients and partners to manage their response to multiple, simultaneous threats with ease.”

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