NetQuest Streaming Network Sensors extend visibility and optimize threat detection

NetQuest Corporation announced its new Streaming Network Sensors product line, a portfolio of high-speed network flow sensors capable of enriched layer 7 visibility for cyber threat hunting on critical traffic links.

NetQuest Streaming Network Sensors

The Streaming Network Sensors feature NetQuest’s unsampled flow metering performance capable of scaling flow metadata generation from a single 10G link to multiple 100G network links in a compact 1RU footprint. Flow data at this scale makes the sensors ideal for securing large-scale regional networks, data center backbones, ISP peering and international optical links.

NetQuest has delivered traffic visibility at an extreme scale to support mission-critical cyber security challenges,” said Jesse Price, CEO and President of NetQuest Corporation. “Our Streaming Network Sensors enable threat intelligence across the world’s largest networks, empowering security teams within carriers, government agencies and large enterprises.”

With an expanded attack surface and rapidly growing traffic rates, SecOps teams require advanced visibility solutions that can scale to eliminate network blind spots and maximize threat detection capabilities. NetQuest’s Streaming Network Sensors monitor traffic in real-time inspecting all packets and extracting enriched, unsampled standards-based flow records to detect anomalies and ensure security.

The portfolio includes the SNS250 for generating standard flow data from 10G and 100G traffic links while the SNS1000 extends visibility and optimizes threat detection with additional actionable intelligence:

  • Flow Generation exports standards-based 1:1 unsampled IPFIX flow data, scaling from a single 10G link to multiple 100G links.
  • Application Classifier leverages Enea’s Qosmos ixEngine to include application identification and additional Layer 7 application attributes within the flow records. Qosmos ixEngine is an advanced DPI-based classification engine that recognizes over 3,600 protocols and applications including classification of encrypted and evasive traffic.
  • Network Security and encrypted traffic analysis identifies powerful Indicators of Compromise (IoC) based on network protocol and traffic heuristic signatures.
  • Mobility adds subscriber-level visibility into mobile-centric tunneling protocols and assures the proper traffic is distributed to the appropriate tools.

“For modern security operations in global telecommunications providers and large enterprises, access to real-time data is increasingly valuable,” said Patrick Donegan, Founder and Principal Analyst of HardenStance. “Building on its portfolio of optical network monitoring solutions, NetQuest’s new Streaming Network Sensor product delivers a rich dataset for securing the world’s highest bandwidth networks.”

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