oak9 integrates with ServiceNow to secure application infrastructure for customers

oak9 recently launched a workflow integration with ServiceNow, a digital workflow management platform, to help ensure security in the application infrastructure of oak9 customers.

oak ServiceNow

Customers can now get alerts and fixes to security design gaps from oak9 within ServiceNow’s help desk and workflow management platform. Developers are notified of any gaps and the necessary updates so they can efficiently address every issue, and maintain security and compliance.

oak9’s ServiceNow integration ensures teams catch every security issue by tracking each one from problem to solution to completion, making sure the fixes are coded and released to the right environments. DevOps teams can ensure their application architectures are secure by design without having to slow down their processes or exit workflows.

“Having eyes on a list of problems is important, but having access to automated tools to solve these security issues when they come up is a critical advantage for oak9 customers,” said oak9 CEO and co-founder Raj Datta. “Our recent integrations enable customers to track tickets more efficiently and solve problems faster.

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