Veritone collaborates with Snowflake to provide AI-powered data cloud for enterprises

Veritone announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, that provides enterprises with visibility and actionable insights into 100 percent of their data – structured, semi-structured and unstructured – unlocking the potential for digital and operational transformation.

Veritone Snowflake

“We at Audacy have been using both solutions and are excited about this partnership which will accelerate our product release timelines and internal business processes,” John Pacino, Executive Vice President of Product of Audacy. “For instance, the integration of aiWARE with Snowflake’s Data Cloud will connect Veritone’s cognitively-enabled application suite and workflow tools to the rest of our enterprise application and data ecosystem, unlocking AI-enabled use cases such as content recommendations, search & discovery, brand safety and contextual ad targeting.”

As a Snowflake Technology Partner, Veritone will integrate its aiWARE enterprise AI platform with Snowflake to transform unstructured data – including voice, video, images, text, and sensor data – into valuable insights and actionable intelligence.

Through this multifaceted partnership, Snowflake customers can now query and analyze all data within Snowflake’s platform or within aiWARE’s cognitively-enabled applications, including hard-to-reach data that is typically inaccessible without human intervention, to produce richer insights and unlock value across a multitude of vertical markets – from media and entertainment to advertising, financial services, healthcare, retail, consumer packaged goods, and more.

Additionally, Veritone customers can access Snowflake’s Data Cloud and their partner ecosystem within aiWARE applications. With a significant percentage of the world’s data unstructured, aiWARE has the potential to deliver significant global impact among Snowflake’s thousands of customers.

“Veritone’s enterprise AI platform can offer our customers a solution for AI-powered analytics to tap into hard-to-reach data sources such as video, images, and audio,” said Adrian Bolosan Industry Principal, Media & Advertising at Snowflake. “Our customers rely on the Snowflake Data Cloud to power their businesses, and with Veritone aiWARE our customers can get access to additional untapped analytical potential of their unstructured data to help drive better business outcomes.”

aiWARE’s cloud-based, scalable architecture delivers insight across massive enterprise data sets, helping customers drive informed and autonomous decision-making. Snowflake customers can easily access hundreds of supported AI models enabling audio analytics, including transcription and speaker recognition; machine vision and biometrics, including face recognition, object detection, logo detection and text recognition; and text analytics, including language identification, translation, entity extraction, text extraction, translation and sentiment analysis.

“Through our partnership with Snowflake, we take another big step forward in democratizing AI by making the power of unstructured data available to more organizations and departments,” said Chris Doe, Head of Commercial Products, Veritone. “By providing companies with access and insights to 100 percent of their data, Snowflake and Veritone also enable organizations to automate content-centric business processes and operationalize all of their AI initiatives on a single platform, reducing time-to-digital transformation and unlocking new business opportunities.”

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