Lightview Capital invests in CyberSheath to protect the federal government supply chain

CyberSheath announced an investment from Lightview Capital to expand its ability to secure the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

CyberSheath Lightview Capital

The investment will allow CyberSheath to add services that are critical to the federal contracting supply chain and explore acquisition opportunities that scale the company faster to serve a greater portion of the struggling market.

CyberSheath research found that more than two thirds of companies in the DIB lacked appropriate access controls to secure controlled unclassified information.

Theft of intellectual property and sensitive information across the DIB threatens economic and national security. Recently, the U.S. government has enhanced security mandates for companies looking to secure contracts with the DoD, creating more demand for services that help ensure compliance and support the integrity of U.S. government security.

“Lightview’s investment is validation of the federal government’s commitment to enforcing mandatory cybersecurity minimums for defense contractors. As we’ve seen growing nation-state threats from countries like Russia, China, and Iran, the days of trust without verification are long gone,” said Eric Noonan, CEO of CyberSheath. “Contractors are struggling to find solutions as these threats become more prevalent and this investment will help ensure that national security is at the forefront of their operations.”

CyberSheath was named to MSSP Alert’s top 250 MSSPs list for 2021, and has helped contractors internationally—from small, 50-employee operations, to large enterprises—navigate the complexities of IT, cybersecurity, and governance. CyberSheath’s managed service brings all three of those puzzle pieces together for one scalable, integrated solution that delivers both compliance and day-to-day operational security.

Through the Lightview investment, CyberSheath will expand its customer base to canvass more of the DIB and reach new areas of a growing federal government supply chain.

“CyberSheath’s managed services and technology platform addresses a critical challenge faced by Government Contractors to ensure national security and meet government cybersecurity and compliance standards,” says Rich Erickson, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Lightview Capital. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Cybersheath and supporting its next phase of growth in the fast growing $420 billion defense market.”

The government’s recent announcement of CMMC 2.0 validated CyberSheath’s approach to the market and adherence to NIST 800-171, which is the backbone of CMMC 2.0.

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