Endace collaborates with LinkShadow to enhance SOC team productivity and reduce threat exposure

Endace and next-generation cybersecurity analytics company LinkShadow announced that LinkShadow has joined Endace’s Fusion Partner program. The partnership will provide enterprises with enhanced SOC team productivity, streamlined investigation workflows, and reduced threat exposure.

Endace LinkShadow

LinkShadow is a robust next-generation cybersecurity analytics platform that provides enterprises with artificial intelligence-based security tools that detect anomalous behavior and take immediate action, preventing data loss. LinkShadow Cybersecurity Analytics listens for threat signals and identifies suspicious behavior through its AI-powered User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).

EndaceProbe Analytics Platforms capture, index and store a complete history of network traffic, preserving critical evidence with an indelible record that enables quick and conclusive investigation and resolution of cyber threats.

When LinkShadow’s birds-eye view of threat activity and powerful threat detection is integrated with EndaceProbes’ always-on network history and rapid search capabilities, security analysts have rapid access to — and can fully understand — potential network attacks.

Enterprises will appreciate the benefits of this partnership:

  • Enhanced team productivity with AI-powered automated cybersecurity analytics and rapid search and data-mining of network history;
  • Detection of even the most sophisticated threats with LinkShadow’s UEBA;
  • Faster, more definitive incident response with 100% accurate recorded network history accessible from any detected anomaly;
  • Streamlined investigation workflows with speedy access to definitive packet evidence through EndaceVision™, a browser-based analysis and forensics tool included with all EndaceProbes;
  • Definitive evidence trails, with accurate records of all relevant packets
  • Pre-built integration through Endace’s Fusion Partner program

“Security analysts will absolutely benefit from the integration of LinkShadow Cybersecurity Analytics and EndaceProbe,” said Cary Wright, Endace’s VP Product Management. “It gives them the ability to go from any suspicious activity that LinkShadow AI detects, directly to the related packet data with a single click. They can rapidly determine those threats that pose the most serious risk and respond quickly to thwart attacks. We welcome LinkShadow as an Endace Fusion Partner.”

“We at LinkShadow are glad to join forces with Endace,” said Fadi Sharaf, Regional Sales Director at LinkShadow. “Together we can empower our clients with the capability to drill deeply into any packet to enrich their investigations and assess their decision making, allowing faster and more efficient threat mitigation. The integration is straightforward and seamless, and the outcome is absolutely stunning. We are happy to work hand-in-hand with Endace to provide optimum value and ROI to our clients.”

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