Immudb: Open-source database, built on a zero trust model

Now, with full transactional support for everyday business applications, the open source immudb tamper-proof database can serve as the main transactional database for enterprises. Version 1.2 has the ability to rollback changes and have data expire.


“There is no need to have immudb running next to a traditional database anymore, as immudb now has full ACID transactional integrity compliance,” said Jerónimo Irázabal, co-founder of immudb and lead architect at Codenotary. The company is the primary contributor to the open source project. “Immudb provides full integrity of data, as well as compatibility with SQL and key/value making it possible to move data to immudb without having to make changes to applications.”

The immutable database is now compliant with GDPR, including its “right to forget” requirements.

Unlike other databases, immudb is built on a zero-trust model: history is preserved and can’t be changed. Data in this database comes with cryptographic verification at every transaction to ensure there is no tampering possible.

This database can be deployed in cluster configurations for demanding applications that require high scalability, up to billions of transactions per day, and high availability. Support for Amazon’s S3 storage cloud ensures it will never run out of disk space.

“It is a contradiction in terms for data to be locked down, on the one hand, and yet allow for rollback of changes and for data to expire, on the other hand,” said Irázabal. “Immudb is the first to accomplish this feat with patented technology, plus it has the ability to scale infinitely to whatever size is required. For the first time, users have the choice of using an immutable database for all their needs – and that is significant at this time of heightened cybersecurity needs. Today, the tamper-proof database moves out of the specialty classification into the mainstream bringing all the benefits of trust and integrity.”

“As a bank, tamper-proof storage of sensitive business data is of enormous importance to us. However, to comply with European GDPR regulation we still need to expire certain data. The immudb tamperproof database delivers this vital solution for our application infrastructure,” said Gerhard Lanner, IT Services, with a European central financial service provider.

Immudb is open source software that is free for anyone to use and capable of protecting sensitive data for workloads that require the utmost in security. There have been more than 12 million downloads of immudb, you can find it on GitHub.

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