MSP360 adds Wasabi Object Lock to help MSPs protect cloud-based backups

MSP360 has added Wasabi Object Lock immutable storage from Wasabi Technologies to the latest version of its MSP360 Managed Backup Service (MBS) to help MSPs and internal IT teams protect cloud-based backups from the ever-evolving threat landscape that includes ransomware, natural disasters, or accidental human error.

MSP360 Wasabi Object Lock

This new offering is the latest of a longstanding partnership between MSP360 and Wasabi and further assists MSPs and internal IT teams with protecting cloud-based backups from the ever-evolving threat landscape that includes ransomware, natural disasters, or accidental human error.

Immutable storage prevents the accidental or purposeful deletion of data and is currently the highest level of backup protection possible. Object Lock, an award-winning feature from Wasabi, delivers a new level of data protection, preventing accidental or malicious operations like ransomware that can lead to significant data loss or alteration, while simplifying the critical immutability process.

The added layer of protection offered by Object Lock is essential for protecting data from cybersecurity threats, as today’s attacks have evolved, and cybercriminals go after backups and archives as part of their ransomware attacks.

Additionally, insurance companies are now requiring features like object lock for data protection in order to renew customers’ cyber security policies. With Object Lock, applications or storage administrators can designate certain data objects as immutable, meaning the content cannot be altered or deleted by any application or user including ransomware attackers, for a specific period of time.

Object Lock is designed to work seamlessly within MSP360’s fully integrated MBS platform, featuring no fees for egress or API requests when paired with Wasabi Cloud Storage. It’s included free of charge and further enhances MSP360 and Wasabi’s holistic commitment to data security, including 11x9s of data durability, strong identity & multi-factor authentication, and regulatory compliance with the latest privacy and security standards.

“MSPs play a critical role in driving cloud adoption and are laser focused in ensuring users have a robust data protection strategy with immutability in place,” said David Friend, co-founder and CEO of Wasabi Technologies. “By offering support for Wasabi Object Lock, MSP360 provides the channel with a best-in-class immutability solution that helps organizations prevent catastrophic cybersecurity events. Not only do users know their data is protected with Wasabi, but they also have the flexibility to test business continuity and incident response to strengthen their cybersecurity posture amidst today’s risks.”

“Immutable storage is just one of the many ways businesses can protect themselves against the growing number of ransomware incidents worldwide,” said Brian Helwig, CEO of MSP360. “While we’re extremely pleased with the current protection MSP360 MBS offers businesses, we’re continuing to work with our customers to determine how we can best serve them and their customers in the ongoing fight against ransomware.”

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