Aena partners with Vueling to use Mobbeel’s facial recognition technology in the boarding process

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport tests the facial recognition system in the boarding process, with the integration of self bag drop system. A milestone in airport history that will completely change the way we travel by plane and where Mobbeel is one of the technological suppliers.

Mobbeel facial recognition technology

It is the first time it has been done in Europe, integrating in a single process all the steps to be carried out by a passenger at an airport, including, as a novelty, the check-in of the luggage. The aim is to allow passengers to make the entire journey to the plane without having to show their identification documents.

Based on facial recognition technology, the biometric system equipment is located in the check-in area, allowing baggage to be self-checked (Self Bag Drop), at the security filter access and at the boarding gate, where the passenger’s biometric data, facial features (image of their face) and documentation (ID card or passport) will be validated.

This streamlines the process and increases security from the moment the traveller checks in online at home until they board their flight. The document validation with biometric data is carried out only once during the pilot, as long as the passenger consents to it for subsequent flights.

Vueling and Aena joint project

This collaboration project between Vueling and Aena began several months ago with airline passengers on the Barcelona-Málaga route. It is the most comprehensive pilot test being carried out at an Aena airport, as it includes biometric technology in 4 travel processes:

  • check-in with the Mobbeel app,
  • baggage check-in,
  • security screening
  • and boarding.

In order to access the aircraft “by the face”, passengers must access the Aena app developed by Mobbeel, enter the “facial recognition” section and complete the form.

Check-in can also be done physically at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport at two kiosks located in front of gate B35 and in the Vueling self-service check-in area.

This will give passengers exclusive access to both the security checkpoint filters and the boarding gate on the Barcelona-Malaga route, and they will be able to enjoy faster access.

In addition, they will have the option of dropping their bag on the self check-in belt without an agent (self bag drop), simply by facial recognition.

Passengers can take part in this pilot programme on a voluntary basis and travel in a more agile, efficient and contactless way.

Mobbeel, selected by Aena for the app check-in

In 2009 we were pioneers in the development of biometrics for mobiles and 12 years later, we set a new milestone with Vueling Airlines and Aena to offer the most comprehensive and seamless user experience through facial recognition.

Mobbeel provides the technology (integrated into the Aena mobile app) that allows travellers to enrol their biometrics (a one-time process) and verify their identity by scanning an ID card or passport with NFC and a selfie with liveness detection to verify that the person is who they say they are.

Once their facial biometrics and ID have been registered, the passenger will be able to pass through all airport controls with their face.

Definitely a breakthrough for travellers who will be able to start their journey with our app from home and be seated on the plane in the fastest and most efficient way, avoiding queues and delays.

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