NETSCOUT partners with AWS to help migrate ENGIE IT’s workloads

NETSCOUT announced that it collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support ENGIE IT in seamlessly migrating workloads and services to the cloud to support its digital transformation journey.


ENGIE IT is the IT subsidiary of worldwide low-carbon energy supplier, ENGIE.

“We turned to Amazon to migrate our workloads and provide us with the flexibility and agility we need, while NETSCOUT ensures our ability to maintain the highest service levels,” stated Anthony Schmitt, network manager, ENGIE IT. “Since NETSCOUT designed its solution to monitor enterprise and service provider workloads that run on AWS core technologies, we were confident that our migration would adhere to our strict service performance and security standards. We were also impressed that we achieved multi-gigabyte traffic processing speeds with the NETSCOUT VSTREAM appliance.”

Moving workloads and data to a cloud environment requires continuous monitoring before, during, and after the migration process. NETSCOUT’s solutions are interoperable with various AWS core technologies, including Amazon Traffic Mirroring, VPC Ingress Routing, AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB), and AWS Security Hub. NETSCOUT and AWS collaborated to optimize and automate end-through-end visibility on AWS to help migrate ENGIE IT’s workloads.

“We work with companies like ENGIE IT to migrate applications, websites, databases, storage, and entire databases to AWS, to improve productivity and achieve greater business agility and business resilience,” stated Anoop Bisht, IT team lead, Amazon Web Services. “Working with NETSCOUT, our combined organizational, operational, and technical capabilities help our customers realize business benefits faster.”

The recently-announced AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) makes it easier for NETSCOUT to offer end-through-end visibility to customers by deploying best-of-breed deep packet inspection application performance management and security appliances with high availability and scalability.

Enterprise customers use NETSCOUT virtual appliances deployed behind GWLB for increased visibility, service triage, network analysis, service discovery, and protection against application-layer attacks targeting destinations like web servers. In addition, the GWLB extends NETSCOUT visibility on AWS with new packet acquisition vantage points for North/South (N/S) traffic at the very edge of the AWS network, to/from the on-premises data center, as well as into the East/West (E/W) inter-VPC traffic.

“Our service assurance and security solutions work seamlessly on AWS to provide customers with the visibility, actionable intelligence, and confidence they need to migrate their workloads and data to a cloud environment,” stated Michael Szabados, chief operating officer, NETSCOUT. “We’ve achieved AWS Network Competency and AWS Migration Competency designations, which confirm our expertise in helping customers migrate workloads to AWS safely and securely.”

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