Zyxel adds WiFi access point security service to its Nebula Cloud Networking solution

Zyxel Networks announced the expansion of its Nebula Cloud Networking solution to include a WiFi access point security service designed to support small businesses as they adapt to post-COVID challenges.

Zyxel Nebula Cloud Networking

Business-class security for even the smallest networks

Designed for small or micro-businesses that cannot afford a business firewall, Zyxel has created the Connect and Protect (CNP) AP security service license. A network security service, the Zyxel CNP license incorporates multiple elements that increase WiFi protection for users in commercial venues. CNP also delivers reliable, secure wireless connectivity for connected applications or business assets, such as video streaming, conference calls, point of sale systems, security cameras, and business laptops.

The integrated IP reputation filter blocks undesirable website content while also preventing data theft and security breaches for connected devices. Application visibility with throttling prioritizes bandwidth for business-critical applications to ensure optimal performance of important business processes and ensuring maximum network reliability.

The new CNP service can be licensed and runs directly on compatible Zyxel access points. The service versions include CNP (includes the IP reputation filter only and is compatible with NWA1123-ACv3, WAC500, and WAC500H access points), and CNP+ (includes the IP reputation filter and application throttling, and is compatible with NWA110AX, NWA210AX, WAX510D, WAX610D, WAX630S, and WAX650S access points). CNP is licensed per access point and will offer a one-month trial.

The Nebula Cloud Networking Platform provides flexibility for SMBs

Zyxel announced the addition of two new WiFI 6 access points to the family of more than 80 devices that are support by the powerful Nebula Cloud Networking Platform. The new NWA90AX and WAX630S access points, which will be available in Q1 2022, can be managed from a single Nebula platform. Nebula provides SMBs with a scalable, high-performance networking solution that delivers a unified, consistent user experience for ease of deployment and management.

“Since the launch of the Nebula Cloud Networking platform in 2016, we have continued to evolve the product in line with customer needs and the changing network infrastructure demands of small businesses,” explained Gordon Yang, President of Zyxel Networks. “With this iteration we are providing the best-fit solution and a consistent networking experience for small businesses who were hit hard by COVID and overlooked by most networking brands. We are committed to supporting them to thrive digital transformation, securely and reliably.”

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