CyberSaint CyberBase helps SMBs to comply with regulations

CyberSaint announced CyberBase, the company’s new offering for small-to-medium sized businesses.

CyberSaint CyberBase

CyberBase is an automated platform helping organizations comply with requirements such as DFARS and CMMC, the NIST Ransomware Risk Management Framework, and more. CyberBase uses patented continuous control automation to allow customers to spend less time and resources preparing for audits, report on compliance, and lower cyber risk.

Traditionally, assessments are performed manually on spreadsheets and are filled with opportunities for human error. In addition, small businesses and high-growth startups alike do not have the internal time or resources to dedicate to these necessary projects, which can be costly when outsourced.

These organizations need to leverage the power of compliance automation to meet compliance quickly and report on their status easily. Organizations can rely on the CyberBase platform to deliver these efficiencies while reducing cost and minimizing cyber risk to their organizations.

“Our CyberBase customers are working in fast-paced environments where spending weeks on tedious, spreadsheet-based compliance projects is not a productive use of their time. However, being compliant is necessary because of the impact it has on their bottom line,” said Jerry Layden, CyberSaint CEO. “Automated, continuous compliance is required to do business in the digital age. We are excited to announce our new CyberBase offering to meet this need for SMBs across the globe.”

CyberSaint launched the CyberBase platform on the back of an incredible 2021, boasting triple-digit growth and increased validation for its enterprise platform, CyberStrong.

“CyberBase is the next iteration of the CyberSaint story,” said Padraic O’Reilly, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at CyberSaint. “Small businesses and startups need a solution that manages compliance for them in an easy, automated way. We are proud to provide CyberBase for them while continuing to offer enterprise use cases for large organizations.”

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