Checkmarx joins IC3 to offer cyber security solutions to nations worldwide

Checkmarx joins Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium (IC3) to provide AppSec capabilities to national cyber defense organizations.

Checkmarx IC3

The Consortium was established with the aim of offering the most advanced cyber-defense capabilities to national governments around the world.

Established in 2016 by IAI and other companies, today the Consortium includes leading Israeli cybersecurity companies such as Check Point, Cognyte, CyberArk, XM Cyber, Mellanox, Cyber X and IAI, among others.

Esti Peshin, General Manager Cyber Division, IAI, said: “IAI welcomes Checkmarx to the IC3 consortium. Together we are responsible for offering large-scale, end-to-end cyber security solutions to nations worldwide. We are excited to work with Checkmarx, leaders in application security, to offer the most comprehensive solution possible. Our work together is critical to ensuring the development of cyber security solutions around the world, continuing our quest for a safer, cyber secure, world.”

Emmanuel Benzaquen, CEO at Checkmarx, said: “Joining the Consortium is a natural step for Checkmarx given our ultimate mission, which is to help every organization, whether corporate, institutional or governmental – to make their applications and source code more secure. We’re honored to accept IAI’s invitation to join the Consortium, which for us is a show of confidence in our mission and technology. The world runs on code, and the Checkmarx Application Security Platform™ is there to secure it.”

Maty Siman, founder and CTO at Checkmarx, said: “The Checkmarx research team is looking forward to working with all members of the consortium, seeking to conduct joint research with their research teams, each bringing to the table highly specialized expertise and experience. Every day that the best researchers from cyber companies can work together is a great day for advancing innovation and national security all around the world.”

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