Worklyn Partners acquires Quadrant Information Security to expand security services

Worklyn Partners announced its acquisition of Quadrant Information Security, an emerging managed detection and response (MDR) provider, and Jacksonville’s leading hub for cybersecurity talent, technology, and capabilities.

Worklyn Partners Quadrant Information Security

On the heels of the first close of its maiden fund at over $35 million, Worklyn’s investment will enable Quadrant to scale its proprietary technology platform and accelerate faster growth.

Building on over a decade of delivering innovative IT and security solutions to businesses and enterprises, Quadrant provides managed threat detection, analysis, and monitoring capabilities in conjunction with other IT services as part of a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity offerings. At the core of Quadrant’s platform is their proprietary technology, Sagan.

More than a traditional SIEM (security information and event management) tool, the Sagan Solution is an all-inclusive information security ecosystem that offers real-time identification, validation, and notification on malicious activity at both the log and network levels.

“Cybersecurity software and tooling is important, but most businesses need outside experts and outsourced service providers to truly get the most out of their tools and 24/7 security monitoring to prevent or at least minimize the impact of cyber attacks,” said Zack Miller, Partner and Co-Founder of Worklyn Partners. “Given the national shortage of cybersecurity talent and the growing prevalence of cyber threats, we don’t think this reality will change any time soon. The Quadrant team has built a phenomenal software platform, but above all, they are a talented, high-integrity team.”

Serving as the centerpiece for Worklyn’s cybersecurity platform, Quadrant will leverage the growth equity investment to build out its expert team of security analysts, engineers, developers, and consultants, and to continue to evolve Sagan as the leading platform for security analytics.

“We couldn’t be more optimistic about our partnership with Worklyn and the years ahead of us,” said Ian Bush, President and CEO of Quadrant. “The Quadrant brand was started over ten years ago, with a heavy focus on our Sagan platform and supporting SOC service. This new relationship will provide the resources necessary for the continued development of our existing offerings, as well as new security services slated for future release.”

“For over a decade, we have been building outstanding technologies supported by a second-to-none SOC and an expert engineering team, which has allowed us to provide high-quality service to all of our clients. The Worklyn team shares our dedication to customer satisfaction, and with their help, we can accelerate innovation on our Sagan platform,” added Quadrant CTO Champ Clark.

Quadrant has experienced impressive growth over the past five years, and now serves customers of various sizes across the country, from large enterprises to smaller businesses ranging across all verticals, from hospitals to technology companies. Within the $150 billion global cybersecurity market, Quadrant competes primarily in the managed detection and response (MDR) segment, which is expected to grow at over 20 percent per year over the next five years.

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