Cequence Security collaborates with Tetrate to embed security into cloud native applications

Cequence Security announced a partnership with Tetrate to bake API discovery and security into modern cloud-native microservices applications.

Cequence Security Tetrate

This new integration will extend the single pane of glass offered by Tetrate to include the discovery of APIs, detection of security risks and threats, and native inline protection against threats using the Cequence API Security Platform. This will give API development and SecOps teams centralized discovery, management and continuous monitoring of their multi-cluster, multi-cloud microservices deployments.

“End-to-end API security is very critical for customers. Envoy as the policy enforcement point enables decentralized enforcement of security policies in a consistent way for both external and internal application traffic,” said Varun Talwar, CEO and Co-Founder of Tetrate. “The integration between Tetrate and Cequence brings together for customers API discovery, risk analysis and bot detection with strong authentication and authorization of traffic.”

Service mesh plays a critical role in incorporating zero-trust design and DevSecOps principles by adding security and reliability to connect microservices across infrastructures without any additional code.

Discovering all the API endpoints exposed by microservices and securing them is difficult due to the rapid pace of development and inherently distributed nature of these applications. This can lead to applications being published for external usage without sufficient discovery, security or monitoring for security and operations teams.

Tetrate and Cequence Security’s integration reduces the time and complexity in adding discovery, security and monitoring to cloud-native applications and enables security that can scale with the application using the same underlying orchestration layer.

“Service mesh architecture is getting very popular with enterprise customers. We’re excited to partner with many of the founding engineers for the Istio service mesh because they best understand the security challenges in these environments,” said Larry Link, President and CEO of Cequence Security. “Cequence has a long history of meeting the application security needs of organizations by using leading edge technologies like containers and service meshes, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Tetrate to take that commitment to the next level.”

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