eBook: Anomaly Detection in Cybersecurity for Dummies

One of the best ways to defend against both internal and external attacks is to integrate anomaly detection, a.k.a. user and entity behavior analytics capabilities, into your security analytics solution.

Anomaly Detection Cybersecurity Dummies

This eBook breaks down the different types of security anomalies and explains what each one looks like. The authors also explain how to determine the risk score of every user and host in the network. Finally, they cover five ways in which you can harden your defenses with anomaly detection.

What’s inside the eBook:

  • Understanding why anomaly detection is critical
  • Using machine learning to spot abnormal behavior
  • Identifying different types of risk
  • Scoring risks to achieve better security
  • Five ways to make anomaly detection work for you

This eBook is no longer available.


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