Cynamics launches cloud NDR to strengthen network monitoring and detection capabilities

Cynamics launched a cloud NDR offering, removing network visibility barriers by strengthening network monitoring, detection and prediction capabilities across any cloud-native or hybrid-cloud environments into a single-pane view, accommodating shifting requirements of modern organizations.

Cynamics cloud NDR

Cynamics’ next-gen Cloud NDR collects small network samples from the cloud networks, infers from these on the full 100% network, provides autonomous discovery of major cloud assets and Services and detects network threats, attacks and anomalies down to the specific server, asset and service using sophisticated patented and academically acknowledged AI technology.

Moreover, the solution offers a virtual cyber analyst (VCA) that provides human-like analysis, continuously monitoring networks and alerting customers of malicious IPs, suspicious behaviors, unusual ports, altogether with a clear attack story reports and extensive network-based querying–all without installing any appliance or agent, in a rapid onboarding 3-clicks onboarding.

Cynamics benefits organizations seeking stronger yet easy-to-use network detection and response capabilities:

  • The AI advantage: Cynamics AI is the first and only technology available that infers 100% network visibility from 1% of network samples to predict threats with minimal resource demand.
  • Full coverage, no compromise: The sampling approach makes Cynamics’ solution extremely scalable, agnostic and generic to any network size or client architecture, providing full coverage with no gaps and without compromising any section of the network.
  • Visibility everywhere: Customers benefit from granular, unhindered network visibility across legacy, cloud-native and hybrid environments. The solution works across all architecture types to create an integrated environment with total coverage to match customers dynamic needs and requirements.
  • Rapid time to value: The Cynamics Network Blueprint dashboard is intuitive, and customers can onboard in minutes in three simple steps. There’s no training required, no costly hardware to deploy or weeks of configuring the solution for it to start working properly.

Dr. Aviv Yehezkel, co-founder and CTO, Cynamics, said: “The future of network detection and response (NDR) is total interoperability – protection, detection and prediction anywhere, anytime and with anything. With this announcement, Cynamics becomes the first and only NDR solution that provides integrated coverage across any scale and any environment – legacy, cloud-native or hybrid network – without the need for any appliance or agent.”

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