CORL’s medical device risk assessment toolkit protects medical and IoT devices

CORL Technologies launched an innovative medical device security assessment toolkit to combat medical device and IoT risks.

CORL medical device security assessment toolkit

Improperly secured medical devices present a substantial risk for patient harm and create an easy target for malicious hackers. Healthcare delivery organizations have struggled in recent years to identify legacy medical and IoT devices, prioritize risks, and coordinate vendors and internal stakeholders for remediation of known vulnerabilities.

CORL is committed to driving and delivering measurable risk reduction introduced by third-party vendors including medical device manufacturers. To that end, the organization has released a new Medical Device Risk Assessment Toolkit that incorporates the CORL’s experience collaborating with the nation’s leading health systems, standards bodies, and medical device manufacturers.

CORL’s medical device risk assessment toolkit includes a specialized risk assessment questionnaire that leverages CORL’s risk intelligence data from having conducted thousands of medical device security assessments. The new assessment toolkit evaluates medical device manufacturers as well as the specific products, devices, and implementation models for healthcare delivery organizations.

“The CORL medical device risk assessment toolkit is a tremendously valuable asset for our organization,” said Monique Hart, Executive Director, Information Security at Piedmont Healthcare. “The industry needs new models for mitigating cybersecurity risks introduced by medical devices. CORL’s ability to apply the power of big data and specialized expertise in medical device security has greatly assisted our assessment and remediation processes to protect the safety of our patients and organization.”

“Medical device security is not a problem that can be solved via technology alone,” said Cliff Baker, CEO of CORL Technologies. “We are excited to be able to continue to deploy innovative solutions that leverage our unique combination of technology, data, and specialized expertise in medical device security to drive down risk for emerging and legacy devices.”

CORL’s medical device assessment model and technology includes assessment of devices and products across a range of security domains including governance and risk management, network and services, physical security, authentication, and secure development lifecycle controls. The new toolkit has been deployed and is available for immediate use for all CORL customers and subscribers.

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