Fastly Next-Gen WAF’s edge deployment option protects business-critical applications and APIs

Fastly launched the edge deployment option for the Fastly Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences).

Fastly Next-Gen WAF

This marks a key milestone in integrating Signal Sciences’ trusted web application firewall (WAF) technology with Fastly’s edge cloud network.

The unified offering protects applications and APIs anywhere they live, and can deploy across the broadest range of architectures – from containers, to on-prem, to the cloud and now to the edge, all from a single solution.

“Enterprises have diverse security architecture challenges — from managing and auditing technology stacks to implementing security policies and protections across disparate applications in heterogeneous environments,” said Chris Rodriguez, IDC’s research director for Network Security Products and Strategies. “Fastly is executing on its strategy to provide security anywhere, making it an important choice for organizations needing a flexible WAF that protects business-critical apps and APIs in a breadth of deployment options.”

With other market offerings, businesses are forced to manage different WAF products, depending on their varied deployment needs. This can be resource-intensive and add to complexity and tool sprawl. However, Fastly Next-Gen WAF customers enjoy a high-efficacy, single-solution WAF that can deploy at the edge and alongside many other install options. All these deployments can be managed within a single platform with a consolidated view of security data, unlocking visibility across an organization’s entire app and API footprint.

“The extension of Signal Sciences’ powerful WAF technology to include Fastly’s high-performance edge network is an incredibly exciting milestone for us,” said Joshua Bixby, CEO, Fastly.

“Support for variability in deployment options is important to our customers, and we’ve now launched it in a way that supports massive scale at the edge. New apps, APIs, and architectures are being built with immense velocity to meet the expectations of a modern digital experience. To meet these demands, enterprises need a unified WAF solution that protects not just the apps they have today — on-premises and in the cloud — but also the ones built at the edge in the future,” Bixby continued. “With ComputeEdge powering Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF extension to the edge, customers get security everywhere that stops unwanted activity from impacting their services and the speed, scale, and stability of our edge network.”

In addition to high-impact integrations with security and DevOps tooling, the Fastly Next-Gen WAF brings flexibility and value to customers, including:

  • Trusted technology teams actually use: So reliable that more than 90%+ of Fastly customers run the Next-Gen WAF in full blocking mode.
  • Rapid deployment in hours, not weeks or months: Thanks to Fastly’s cloud-based architecture and near-zero tuning, customers get up and running quickly.
  • Increased visibility for faster remediation: Regardless of where customers deploy their apps and APIs, Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF provides production visibility into how attackers seek to abuse or misuse them.
  • Next-generation technology: Unlike legacy rules-based WAFs, the Fastly Next-Gen WAF enables greater scalability, higher efficacy, and lower total cost of ownership.

The Fastly Next-Gen WAF’s edge deployment option is available now.

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