Whitepaper: 5 steps to improved MFA adoption

5 steps to improved MFA adoption is an unbiased, comprehensive analysis of the present and future of multi-factor authentication, and challenges to widespread adoption.

improved MFA adoption

Supported by tru.ID, the mobile authentication platform, the guide is written and produced by independent cybersecurity experts The Cyber Hut. It focuses on equipping IAM leaders with an adaptable methodology to encourage better uptake of MFA in an organization.

If you’re grappling with the wealth of MFA options and the complexity of human factors in adoption, this independent report is vital reading.

What’s inside:

  • Why MFA is critical today
  • Improving end user self-sufficiency
  • Improving awareness and training
  • Fine grained friction and user interruption
  • Improving reset and recovery
  • Towards a blended experience

This whitepaper is no longer available.


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