Artera partners with Deepwatch to advance security operations and protect critical infrastructure

Deepwatch announced Artera Services has selected Deepwatch’s MDR solution to secure its operations.

Deepwatch Artera

Artera is a leading provider of integrated essential and critical infrastructure services, delivering maintenance and construction services to energy utilities, infrastructure companies, municipalities and cooperatives throughout the U.S.

In 2021, Artera began evaluating MDR providers to minimize the risk of disruption to the business and its customers. After evaluating several MSSP and MDR providers with the guidance of their trusted VAR partner, Defy Security, Artera selected Deepwatch for its MDR service, 24/7/365 monitoring with a named squad of experts, and integrations with security tools including Splunk Enterprise and leading endpoint detection and response (EDR), vulnerability management and firewall solutions.

“The transfer of assets, data, and resources is complex, and requires expert-level integration to ensure business continuity and reliability are continuous for our utility customers,” said Sean Fuller, director of cyber security at Artera Services. “It’s very important that I’m able to determine when we are under attack. And that’s where the partnership with Deepwatch comes in. When something does happen, we are in a good position to respond to it, minimize the impact to the company, and restore our security posture as quickly as possible.”

Prior to Artera, Fuller had used another MSSP for detection and response, but was not happy with the partnership and support. Fuller noted, “If you needed an answer, it could sometimes take two weeks to get them to plow through the data, and that’s only if they captured it.”

Finding an MDR provider that could bundle in their preferred SIEM of choice, Splunk, led Artera to Deepwatch. With Deepwatch’s MDR solution, Artera now has Splunk Enterprise integrated and optimized to provide only high-priority alerts to their small in-house team. This integration, along with advanced endpoint detection and response, gives Artera optimal visibility throughout the entire security environment through the Deepwatch platform.

“The security requirements Artera Services has as a supplier for the critical infrastructure and energy sectors are complex,” said Charlie Thomas, CEO at Deepwatch. “Our mission is to help customers like Artera stay ahead of threats and mitigate risks that could impact its business and their customers’ businesses, which provide energy and utilities services to consumers across the United States. Our named squad of security experts gives Artera an extended security team that monitors systems around-the-clock to protect Artera’s service reliability.”

“Artera’s requirements for advanced managed detection and response, including the ability to use a best-in-class security technology stack, led us to recommend Deepwatch,” said Justin Domachowski, president and founder of Defy Security. “The ability to push data into the Splunk SIEM that was stood up immediately and managed by Deepwatch is a game-changer for Artera, and gives their in-house team opportunities to work on other strategic security projects.”

“The combination of Splunk and Deepwatch is a powerful tool for early detection of cyber threats,” said Bill Hustad, vice president of alliances and channel ecosystems at Splunk. “We’re pleased to partner with Deepwatch and Defy Security to help Artera Services build a state-of-the-art managed security operations center and continue to advance their security posture.”

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