Secure-IC Securyzr enables customers to deploy and manage a fleet of devices from the cloud

Secure-IC launched a cybersecurity lifecycle management platform for connected objects (Securyzr integrated Security Services Platform).

Secure-IC Securyzr

Secure-IC has been providing the electronic industries, for over a decade, with its protection technologies, namely the Securyzr iSE (integrated Secure Elements) and Silicon IPs which are embedded into hundreds of millions of electronic chips for smartphones, computers, automobiles, smart meters, cloud servers and more.

The semiconductor industry is now aware that integrated Secure Elements (iSE) are the solution to protect their System-on-Chips, across the supply chain of vertical industries (automotive, industrial IoT and OT, AI, Telecom, New Space). The iSE typically enables secure provisioning, and therefore proactively fights against master compromising, malware/Trojan insertion, overbuilding, etc.

Then, after deployment, the Edge product must remain on the safe and secure side. Even better, security must be maintained at the desired level despite the fact that adversaries are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Nowadays, fleets of connected devices have operational needs to maintain over time a relevant level of security, monitor their status and securely update their firmware. Therefore, beyond the physical security of electronic chips, Secure-IC intends to cover the entire security lifecycle of connected objects and embedded systems, from their design through the management of fleets of deployed devices up to their decommissioning.

That is why, Secure-IC has developed the Securyzr integrated Security Services Platform (iSSP) to enable its customers and partners to securely supply, deploy and manage a fleet of devices from the cloud and be provided with added-value security services, as well as compliance to standards.

The Securyzr iSSP is composed of the traditional Securyzr iSE which is Secure-IC’s Root of Trust on the embedded Edge side with a software agent to provide connectivity from chip to cloud (and respectively) and the newly launched Securyzr Server.

This solution will be able to run on both public and private clouds and will come with a user-friendly web interface and software bridge for the devices to manage heterogeneous fleets of devices.

The Securyzr Server manages the different services for the platform and the business applications it hosts:

  • Key provisioning to securely provision the chip devices with secret key across the supply chain,
  • Firmware Update (FOTA/FUOTA) to securely provide chips with their software and then update them physically or over the air, to maintain their security level,
  • Devices Monitoring and cyber intelligence to provide a proactive security service, retrieving cyber security logs from the chips, analyzing them and sending instructions back to the chip fleet if necessary,
  • Devices Identity to guarantee trust from the chip to the cloud, to the devices, users and data through devices multi-factor authentication that allows resistance against impersonation, replay, and in the event of an initial compromise.

The security of the systems will be easily visualized through a Security Digital Twin.

This solution which meets the requirements of security certification schemes, has been developed for pilot projects already deployed in various applications and industries and will support our customers in addressing all the challenges they face during the design, operation and lifecycle of their secure IoT fleets and ensure trusted data.


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