Encryption Consulting PKI Risk Assessment Framework identifies critical vulnerabilities

Encryption Consulting launched their PKI Risk Assessment Framework to provide organizations with a valuable risk report, a roadmap to improvement, and a way to prioritize data security investments.

Encryption Consulting PKI Risk Assessment Framework

The framework is designed to measure the vulnerability of large, medium, or small-scale enterprises towards cybersecurity risks. It reviews the current state of the organization’s PKI environment, identifies any gaps, and provides recommendations as required by conducting various information-gathering sessions with stakeholders.

From start-ups to conglomerates, the PKI Risk Assessment framework helps to give a bird’s eye view of the existing gaps in the organization’s current PKI environment, including certificate lifecycle management. The framework prepares the company being assessed avoid any future risk of data breach and remain compliant with the best security standards by implementing strategy and recommendations provided by the professionals at Encryption Consulting LLC.

PKI has emerged as a core technology to secure applications and establishing zero-trust security across organizations. The PKI Risk Assessment Framework follows a phased approach over eight weeks to assess and develop a strategy and implementation roadmap for the current PKI environment.

The Encryption Consulting team performs the following activities during the project:

  • Reviews customers’ existing PKI (on-prem /Cloud-based PKI) architecture, policies, standards, and procedures across business units, including assessment of certificate requests, issuance, provisioning processes, and analysing current policies.
  • Analyses the customers’ current certificate inventory for various certificate types.
  • Identifies overall security program gaps and provides recommendations for the process and technology of certificate management.
  • Identifies possible root causes and risks associated with the discovered gaps.
  • Develops strategic, tactical, and “quick win” initiatives for PKI and collaborates with the customer to prioritize initiatives in the roadmap.
  • Assists the customer in defining a future state for the PKI environment and certificate lifecycle management.
  • Provides a high-level transition plan from the current state to the desired future state to the organization.

While Encryption Consulting LLC’s CertSecure Manager allows enterprises to simplify their management of certificates across various technologies and in varied multi-cloud environments, the PKI Risk Assessment framework helps them identify all associated risks and mitigate critical vulnerabilities at the right time.

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