Data Dynamic Insight AnalytiX 1.4 reduces data vulnerability for enterprises

Data Dynamic released Insight AnalytiX 1.4, which is focused on enhancing the product’s Data Protection and Security Functionalities.

Data Dynamic Insight AnalytiX 1.4

The upgrade includes flexible and scalable data discovery, deep analytics, and reduced data vulnerability to help organizations ensure maximum accuracy in PII/sensitive data discovery and an upgraded remediation functionality.

Every year, cybersecurity practitioners face new challenges due to various factors. Attacks by threat actors and the ever-evolving design of IT infrastructure (including cloud migration), in addition to external influences such as the pandemic, are all factors to be considered. As a result of the rise and evolution of cyber-attacks, every enterprise is focused upon securing more and more of their business-critical and personal data.

The new features in Insight AnalytiX 1.4 make it an excellent application for risk identification and remediation. The latest version of Insight AnalytiX allows users to generate a Data Insight report on a dataset by building advanced multi-level logical expressions and a combination of logical operators. It reduces the chances of missing sensitive personal data, ensuring the highest accuracy in data discovery. The report is powered by deep analytics (both descriptive and diagnostic) to help enterprises get a clear understanding of the risk that exists and an easy means of quantifying it.

“The latest upgrade in Insight Analytix builds a strong data security shield using scalable and flexible data discovery application and deep analytics. The upgraded risk identification and remediation workflow will certainly help enterprises protect their sensitive data from growing cyber threats,” said Helen Johnson, CTO of Data Dynamics.

Insight AnalytiX 1.4, when used in conjunction with Data Dynamics’ unified data management platform, can help enterprises unlock end-to-end data management capabilities such as Data Mobility, Data Analytics, Data Security, and Data Compliance.

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