Consilio strengthens cybersecurity offerings with Complete Connector and Sightline 8.0

Consilio announced a significant expansion of its data enablement solutions with the launch of Complete Connector and Sightline 8.0, expanded investments in Cyber Response Solutions, and strengthening of its Complete Security information security platform.

Consilio Complete Connector and Sightline 8.0

These offerings significantly bolster Consilio’s enablement of legal workflows using cloud-based productivity and collaboration platforms, including Microsoft 365, and resources available to law firms and corporate clients negotiating cyber incidents and breaches.

Data collection enhancements

Consilio has launched Complete Connector, a solution to help clients collect, process, and enable the review of data from a multitude of cloud-based electronically stored information (ESI) data sources, including Teams, Microsoft 365, Slack, and more. With version 8.0, Consilio’s proprietary Sightline eDiscovery platform now leverages Complete Connector to offer clients direct collection and processing of Microsoft 365 Outlook mailboxes so case teams can increase the efficiency and accuracy of their eDiscovery workflows.

“By 2025, over 85% of organizations will primarily store data in cloud-based sources like Microsoft 365 and G Suite, with over 95% of employee work product being cloud-native first,” said Serge Poldi, Chief Information Officer at Consilio. “With this massive shift in mind, it is paramount that we continue to evolve our capabilities to not only meet the growing need for cloud-connectable legal solutions but exceed it by leveraging our over 5,400 dedicated team members prepared to deliver a high-quality, end-to-end eDiscovery experience.”

As businesses continue an accelerated adoption of cloud applications and infrastructure, Complete Connector will evolve and provide a platform for unlocking legal workflows from these sources combined with Consilio’s expert-driven workflows for defensible, accurate ESI collection and processing.

Cyber investments & new certifications

Consilio has expanded investment in Cyber Response Solutions as cyber incidents have increased globally, with 80-95% of companies in regulated industries experiencing a cyber breach in 2021. Consilio’s Cyber Response Solutions, powered by Complete Intelligence, combines cutting-edge technology and over 15 years of experience providing investigation, eDiscovery, and information governance services to help organizations quickly and effectively respond to cyber incidents.

Having served over 300 Cyber Response Solutions matters in 2021 alone, Consilio is expanding its investment with increased staffing and further development of custom workflows and data analytics tools to continue to ensure reduced risk exposure, best-in-class data protection and defensibility, and cost predictability for clients.

“We have seen continued exponential growth in data volumes, as well as cyber incidents, and have adapted and expanded our offerings to better serve our clients’ shifting needs and priorities,” said Shamus Flower, Senior Vice President at Consilio. “Through our increased investment, we are expanding the talent available to deliver dedicated leadership and support when handling our clients’ cyber breach matters.”

Strengthening its information security posture, the company also earned the Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a U.K. government-backed, industry-supported certification that demonstrates that Consilio’s policies and procedures are strong enough to protect against cyber threats.

“We are honored to add the Cyber Essentials Plus certification to our Complete Security information security platform we offer to every client at Consilio,” said Jon Fowler, Chief Information Security Officer at Consilio. “This gold-standard certification, much like others we maintain, demonstrates our commitment to information security and data protection at the highest of standards. Our clients have in turn continued their trust in Consilio, having accepted over 2.5 petabytes of client data and delivering over 6.5 million review hours in 2021.”

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