Ciphertex Data Security SecureNAS CX-160KHD-X protects healthcare data from cyber criminals

Ciphertex Data Security is introducing its new SecureNAS CX-160KHD-X model, which holds a 320TB, and its new CX-Linux ZFS operating system.

Ciphertex Data Security SecureNAS CX-160KHD-X

These products provide a new level of safety, security, and portability for vital healthcare information, which is increasingly under attack by hackers desiring to capture and sell this valuable data or to hold it for ransom.

“Healthcare data is incredibly detailed, personal, and sensitive in nature, which makes it a perfect target for cyber criminals,” noted Jerry Kaner, CEO, Ciphertex Data Security. “The threat to data security is real, especially as more and more data is required for patient care and operations, and it must often be migrated from hospitals to data centers at other locations. It is imperative to have options to move this data quickly and safely, with reliable backup and restoration capabilities.”

Ciphertex’s systems, with secure data storage devices developed through its deep experience with the military, are already in use in thousands of hospitals around the world. These two new products represent the next generation of data security and mobility.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, Ciphertex new SecureNAS CX-160KHD-X can store up to 320TB and is powered by its new CX-Linux ZFS operating system. It is the fastest, highest capacity and most secure portable storage solution designed for efficient backup, restoration or hybrid cloud use available.

For added cybersecurity, Ciphertex SecureNAS implements Ciphertex Protect, a proprietary hardware encryption key authentication to protect critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. CX-Linux ZFS provide triple redundancy backup and simplifies the data management process for greater efficiency and allows administrators to manage SecureNAS appliances in local, virtual, and remote environments.

Ciphertex data security products are designed to ensure data integrity that meets or exceeds strict military standards and specifications and are certified by a Department of Defense approved environmental testing laboratory.

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