Noname Security collaborates with HighPoint to offer API security solutions for businesses

Noname Security and HighPoint announced that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will see HighPoint offer Noname’s API Security Platform as part of its innovative services to clients in multiple business sectors.

Noname Security HighPoint

Noname Security delivers the most powerful, complete, and easy-to-use API security platform. Noname finds and inventories all APIs; detects attacks, suspicious behavior, and misconfigurations using AI-based behavioral analysis; prevents attacks and integrates with existing remediation and security infrastructure; and actively validates APIs before deployment.

Unlike other solutions that only monitor API traffic, the Noname API Security Platform analyzes API traffic and application and infrastructure configurations to provide better API security posture management, API runtime security, and active API SDLC testing. Only Noname Security can find all shadow APIs and API misconfigurations before impacting the company.

“HighPoint has an excellent track record of delivering innovative services and projects into multiple sectors,” said Dirk Marichal, Vice President EMEA for Noname Security. “HighPoint’s values closely align with Noname Security’s and the importance placed on providing solutions that help their clients succeed and overcome challenges as their businesses evolve.”

“This additional level of expertise in API security is a fantastic development for HighPoint globally,” said Neil Dearman, Head of Technology at HighPoint.

“We have always had a focus on securing customer infrastructure and data. This expansion is a strategic move to provide our customers with a higher degree of proactive cybersecurity protection, leveraging a more expansive set of cybersecurity skills and consulting expertise that helps us further serve our customers,” added Dearman.

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