Device Authority and Entrust join forces to provide machine identity automation for IoT

Device Authority and Entrust have partnered to help businesses remove the logistical challenges of large scale IoT deployment by offering automated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate management.

Device Authority Entrust

Recently identified as leaders in IoT Device Identity Lifecycle Management by ABI Research, the two companies have integrated Device Authority’s KeyScaler IoT IAM platform with PKI services from Entrust, extending the existing collaboration for Hardware Security Module (HSM) services, to provide device trust, data trust and automation at IoT scale.

This will enable security operations across device attestation, onboarding, Machine Identity Lifecycle Management, certificate signing and cryptographic operations, connecting to FIPs compliant Entrust PKI and HSM services. It will also automate security operations into any cloud application & platform by utilizing KeyScaler’s pre-built service connectors or flexible integration framework.

Security of connected devices has long been a barrier to large scale IoT adoption and, coupled with the regulatory changes that are setting new compliance standards, the issue of security is increasingly in the spotlight. CEO of Device Authority, Darron Antill commented; “Without the proper management of machine identities, organisations can’t guarantee the confidentiality of information that flows to authorised machines or prevent the flow of information to unauthorised machines. Not only does our partnership with Entrust enable the automated management of security throughout a device’s lifecycle but it also increases efficiencies and reduces overheads, allows for brownfield deployment and integration into any IoT application or platform.

“It also helps to enable both existing and new projects to comply with new and evolving regulations and rules, such the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) recommended in President Biden’s cybersecurity executive order, by real time authorization and authentication and automated credential provisioning, renewal and revocation, thus minimising the risk of vulnerabilities within the supply chain or wider ecosystem, at the same time providing Continuous Assurance.”

Jay Schiavo, Vice President, Certificate Solutions Products and Markets at Entrust added: “Considering IoT and machine identities are top drivers for the adoption and deployment of PKI, and given the rapid evolution of both landscapes, cybersecurity has become increasingly critical. By expanding our partnership with Device Authority, we can provide customers device trust, data trust, and automation at IoT scale. Machine identities and machine identity management is about the endpoints and their supporting infrastructure, and together we make it possible to balance efficiency, automation and security across the digital ecosystem.”

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