SmartBear acquires Pactflow to ensure standardization for APIs and microservices

SmartBear announced that it is entering into a definitive agreement with DiUS, an Australian technology consultancy, to acquire Pactflow, advancing their next-generation API development platform.

SmartBear Pactflow

The addition of Pactflow and its companion open source project, Pact, within the SmartBear API Developer Platform solves the complex challenges of testing microservices and API integrations that companies face as they accelerate cloud-native application development and digital initiatives. This next-generation platform solution allows organizations to deliver the enhanced digital experience that their customers have come to expect.

“We are thrilled to add Pactflow and open source software, Pact, to the SmartBear API Development Platform, providing developers with a critical emerging capability to speed up API development and deliver high-quality services,” said Frank Roe, CEO of SmartBear. “As organizations move quickly to digitally transform, SmartBear, with the addition of Pactflow, will drive even greater value to our customers, ensuring we continue to meet organizations wherever they are in their software development and API journey.”

“We could not be more excited to join the SmartBear team,” said Matt Fellows, co-founder of Pactflow. “There is a great synergy with the multi-protocol approach SmartBear has taken with their API tools and Pactflow’s contract testing, especially where customers are driving for more integrity in their microservices architectures. This, coupled with our joint commitment to open source, positions SmartBear and Pactflow customers well for the future.”

“Organizations are asking for a platform that supports the complete API lifecycle in a seamless, multi-protocol developer experience,” said Dan Faulkner, Chief Product Officer at SmartBear. “The addition of Pactflow contract testing capabilities represents a key milestone in our vision to deliver that platform, all with a focus on reusability and accelerated time-to-market through the CI/CD pipeline.”

Thousands of teams use SmartBear API lifecycle solutions to manage and bring high-quality applications to market faster. The addition of Pactflow to the SmartBear API Developer Platform builds on the growing utilization of SwaggerHub, Swagger OSS, and ReadyAPI, providing developers with a common UX to design or discover existing APIs, standardize, virtualize, and test, regardless of protocol.

The next-generation platform will be closely tailored to developer workflows, adding efficiencies while simultaneously allowing greater standardization and governance. The offering will initially integrate the company’s existing API developer toolkit while rapidly extending capabilities to comprehensively support and enhance deliverables and handoffs across the API lifecycle.

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