Axon Wireless partners with LoginID to secure communications for mobile and banking customers

Axon Wireless announced that it has signed an agreement with LoginID to integrate its FIDO-certified passwordless authentication into the Axon Wireless customer provisioning platform.

Axon Wireless LoginID

Axon Wireless currently supports Mobile Operators and banks across 10 countries, onboarding on average 3 million customers per month, with over 250 million identities registered with its Axon Face2Face registration software. Axon is also a supplier of biometric registration hardware devices to complement the Face2Face platform and provides an end-to-end solution to its customers, having provided over 50,000 devices and enabling over 20,000 field agents to perform their customer onboarding duties.

The integration of FIDO for Mobile Operator agents helps eliminate vulnerabilities with traditional login and passwords, preventing account takeovers and other attack vectors.

The use of FIDO2 biometric authentication to secure communications for mobile and banking customers is becoming integral. According to the mobile industry association GSMA, the growth of mobile subscribers in Africa between 2020 and 2025 is poised to grow from 495M to 615M. While the growth of mobile internet users during this same period is forecast to grow from 303M to 474M. Multiple African and Asian countries are currently considering the use of biometrics to be linked to mobile accounts to prevent fraudsters from attacks such as account takeovers, phishing and SIM swaps.

“This will be a first for MEA”, said Romeo Pestana, COO of Axon Wireless. “Axon Wireless will utilize FIDO biometric security as a part of their digital onboarding services. LoginIDs SDKs make it simple to integrate and provide a highly scalable platform to support our current customer base, and growth into the future.”

“Axon Wireless has been a leader in adopting technology that can provide an edge for their business. By introducing FIDO as part of their process for onboarding customers they are demonstrating they are utilizing the most secure and compliant technology for securing customer interactions, and staying ahead of regulator compliance requirements that are becoming the norm”, said Thierry Siminger, Head, Telecom Business Unit, GM MEA at LoginID.

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