BigID Data Insights Studio provides customizable data intelligence reporting for IT teams

BigID launched Data Insights Studio, a new capability that provides insightful reporting and analytics about the state of data across the entire organization.

BigID Data Insights Studio

Data Insights Studio gives privacy, security, and governance teams the power to create rich, insightful, and actionable reporting best suited for their organization and easily monitor relevant metrics to better assess the progress of their data initiatives. Data Insights Studio seeks to close the gap between insight and action so that teams have the speed to make the best decisions about their data.

BigID Data Studio enables organizations to know when and where to take action on their data through accurate reporting and analytics. Capabilities include:

  • Driving proactive executive decision-making with actionable insights about data security, privacy, and governance initiatives.
  • Actively monitoring trends, metrics, and important KPIs over time while also allowing for forecastability.
  • Empowering users through self-service, configurable reporting, and alleviating the burden off of IT admins.
  • Centralizing data intelligence holistically for organizations with global data footprints.

“Data Insights Studio brings a whole new meaning to data intelligence,” says Nimrod Vax, Co-Founder and Head of Product at BigID. “We’re giving customers the power to visualize their data like never before. We strongly believe that providing easy and customizable reporting of how metadata changes over time and across multiple sites, as well as an ability to analyze trends and monitor critical KPIs, is the key to facilitating and accelerating better data management and value on data across the organization.”

Reporting can take on various forms and provides immense value to help illustrate the direction and progress of initiatives. Unfortunately, developing proper executive reporting that addresses the needs of an organization can be nuanced and cumbersome. IT teams are often required to manually create reports and analytics to fit their needs, a method that not only fails to scale well but also lacks proper speed and accuracy to drive the right decisions.

Data Insights Studio aims to close the gap between insight and action so that IT teams have the agility to act on their data with certainty.

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