AppOmni Developer Platform empowers organizations to secure their entire SaaS environment

AppOmni unveiled the AppOmni Developer Platform, which enables organizations to extend visibility and ensure consistent protection across all of their SaaS applications and virtually any custom SaaS app built in house.

AppOmni Developer Platform

The AppOmni Developer Platform will be available to select partners this June, with broader availability later in 2022.

Most businesses use dozens, if not hundreds, of SaaS applications. As SaaS applications have matured, the complexity and variance in settings presents challenges in ensuring proper configurations, which can lead to security gaps and data exposure. The AppOmni Developer Platform provides a framework that allows customers to monitor any SaaS application with a consistent set of policies and security controls.

Application security posture information is then mapped back to AppOmni’s SaaS security management solution to help security teams monitor and secure critical configurations, user permissions, and third-party applications. By authoring support for any SaaS application, organizations can quickly identify misconfigurations or drift to close security gaps and drive compliance across their entire enterprise application footprint.

“The AppOmni Developer Platform provides a security framework with standardized security best practices and establishes a uniform security language to allow customers to clearly and easily understand risk across their entire SaaS ecosystem and all modern digital applications,” said Harold Byun, Chief Product Officer at AppOmni. “The future of security is comprehensive, consistent security coverage for all applications and all users. The AppOmni Developer Platform is delivering on that vision and is another example of AppOmni’s market leadership.”

The AppOmni Developer Platform provides the basis for rapid expansion of AppOmni’s ecosystem of SaaS security product modules. Following the recent announcement of AppOmni’s in-depth support for Workday and expanded support for ServiceNow, AppOmni is now releasing support for Confluence, Fastly, Google Workspace, Jira, Okta, and Zendesk. These security modules were built on top of the AppOmni Developer Platform and provide the depth, comprehensive security controls, and expert insights that AppOmni is known for.

One of the goals of the AppOmni Developer Platform is to empower organizations to easily develop and deploy security for any SaaS application. The Platform will be available for developer partners to extend SaaS security to custom applications.

“Many of our customers have asked how they can secure their entire SaaS ecosystem with the same depth AppOmni provides for their largest SaaS systems,” said Brendan O’Connor, CEO and Co-Founder of AppOmni. “For example, one of our Fortune 100 customers has more than 200 homegrown applications they need to secure. The AppOmni Developer Platform will allow users to create policies to meet governance and compliance requirements, as well as manage and monitor security across their SaaS ecosystem.”

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