Stellar Cyber collaborates with CYRISMA to help organizations eliminate security blind spots

Stellar Cyber announced a partnership under which CYRISMA now is fully integrated into the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform.

Stellar Cyber CYRISMA

The CYRISMA integration brings a rich suite of asset management capabilities to the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform, including:

  • Vulnerability management
  • Data classification tags by asset
  • Asset secure configurations
  • Additional risk data points through CYRISMA’s grading system

“We at CYRISMA are very excited about our technology integration and go-to-market partnership with Stellar Cyber and its Open XDR platform. These capabilities will provide SOC analysts with rich asset analytics at their fingertips to make quicker decisions,” said Liam Downward, CEO of CYRISMA. “We’re very much looking forward to continuing to build a stronger relationship with Stellar Cyber, as we look to provide all our clients with that extra level of security.”

“CYRISMA has a fantastic risk assessment and management ecosystem that complements our own platform for easy-to-use functionality for MSP and MSSP partners,” said Brian Stoner, VP of Service Providers at Stellar Cyber. “This integration provides critical information on the posture of the target system to the Stellar Cyber platform. With this information, we can increase the severity of an incident or alert dynamically, improving the detection accuracy and providing enhanced context for analysts.”

“The ability to combine both real-time threats from Stellar and known exploitable vulnerabilities from CYRISMA is incredibly exciting,” said Reg Harnis, CEO at OrbitalFire. “It gives OrbitalFire the ability to more quickly identify false positives, so we can focus our response efforts on real risks. Our customers are going to love the results.”

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