NetAbstraction collaborates with VaporVM and InoGates to offer ransomware protection in the Middle East

NetAbstraction announced its expansion into the Middle East and that it has partnered with VaporVM and InoGates to offer NetAbstraction’s ransomware protection technology to commercial and government customers in the region.

NetAbstraction VaporVM InoGates

“The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region is a favorite target for cybercrime due to the fast growth rate of its industrial sectors,” said Gordon Lawson, CEO of NetAbstraction. “We are working with VaporVM and InoGates to deliver NetAbstraction solutions that significantly reduce the attack surface for academic researchers, and secure critical data and resources in the cloud using next generation ransomware protection technology.”

NetAbstraction provides technology that anonymizes an organization’s cloud and on-premises resources including data and applications in order to protect digital infrastructures from malware and other cyber threats by making them invisible to attackers.

Under terms of the partnership, InoGates will represent NetAbstraction in the GCC region and resell NetAbstraction NetAccess and NetEnclave services. VaporVM will use NetAbstraction technology to provide incident response, threat hunting and other services to their existing and new customers.

“We are very pleased to partner with NetAbstraction in the region and have a close relationship with VaporVM,” said Marc Kassis, Founder and CEO of InoGates. “Our channel partners and clients will benefit from the unique protection capabilities provided by NetAbstraction’s innovative network security and privacy technology.”

“VaporVM is excited to endeavor this partnership with InoGates and NetAbstraction,” said Aqeel Asim, Founder and CEO of VaporVM. “We believe that it will further strengthen VaporVM’s position in the global market and especially as a leading cybersecurity firm in the Gulf region.”

NetAbstraction NetAccess provides complete isolation from email and web borne threats by compartmentalizing all web activity to a one-time use, disposal virtual machine in the cloud. This cloud-based service is agentless, transparent to users and requires no installation of software on end user systems.

NetAbstraction NetEnclave enables customers to privately and securely store critical data and host applications in the cloud while enforcing Zero Trust access policies. NetEnclave instances are isolated from the public Internet and are only accessible via NetAbstraction’s Zero Trust network. NetEnclave is cloud agnostic and can be implemented on any service provider platform as well as in traditional datacenters.

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