Product Showcase: Keeper Security’s Enterprise Password Management platform

People often speak of cybersecurity as a technology challenge. But protecting data and IT infrastructure is also very much a matter of human behavior. Eighty-five percent of data breaches involve a human element, according to the Verizon Business 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report. When organizations fall victim to ransomware, data theft or other attacks, bad actors often gain access through weak spots created by unsafe cybersecurity practices. Often, those weak spots involve passwords. At least 65 percent of people use duplicate passwords on multiple sites, and 48 percent of employees use the same passwords for personal and work-related functions.

Even when employees understand how to deploy strong passwords, if the organization does not enforce careful habits, those rules can get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day work. To turn good intentions into safe behavior, companies, non-profits, and government organizations need to give users tools that support consistent password practices. A human-centric, easy-to-use Enterprise Password Management (EPM) platform bolsters security by reducing the chance of human error.

Keeper protects your passwords and secrets with ultimate security, visibility and control. From the data center to the front office, Keeper delivers the ultimate in enterprise security and cyberthreat prevention.

Protect access to applications, systems, secrets and IT resources with a zero-trust and zero-knowledge architecture. Simplify and strengthen auditing and compliance while achieving organization-wide visibility, control, event logging and reporting. Below are three key features that set Keeper apart.

Key features in an Enterprise Password Management solution

A zero-trust and zero-knowledge approach

Keeper’s zero-trust and zero-knowledge security architecture is unmatched in safeguarding information and mitigating the risk of a data breach. Keeper combines device-level, elliptical curve cryptography with multiple layers of encryption (at the vault, folder and record level), multi-factor and biometric authentication and FIPS-140-2 validated AES 256-bit encryption plus PBKDF2 to protect your organization and its employees.

Keeper Security Enterprise Password Management

Integrations with SSO and other IdP technology

Organizations are embracing single sign-on (SSO) because it reduces password fatigue, minimizes help desk tickets for lost passwords, and enhances efficiency. In theory, instead of having to remember multiple passwords, users memorize only one. However, this isn’t how SSO works in reality. The average organization uses nearly 1,200 cloud apps and services; the exact number varies from a few hundred in a small business to over 3,000 in a large Enterprise. Many of these apps and services do not support SSO, or they support different and incompatible SSO protocols.

Keeper SSO Connect is a SAML 2.0 application that seamlessly joins your existing SSO deployment with Keeper’s Password Management System. This enhances and extends SSO with zero knowledge password management, enforced RBAC to applications, and visibility to users’ password security practices. Since Keeper offers multiple layers of data security, it provides a much stronger defense against attackers than SSO alone.

Keeper SSO Connect easily and seamlessly integrates with all popular SSO IdP platforms, including Microsoft 365, Azure, ADFS, Okta, Ping, JumpCloud, Centrify, OneLogin, and F5 BIG-IP APM.

Keeper Security Enterprise Password Management

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Role-based access controls

Some employee accounts and projects might require password sharing among team members. For example, IT admins might share passwords for server or database access. This can become complicated when passwords are being exchanged, as it increases the security liability for the entire system. Employees may also share passwords to critical systems like social media accounts through email, Slack or other unsecure methods.

To better protect passwords that need to be shared, use Keeper’s password management and security platform. Keeper provides a secure, encrypted vault for each employee to store their work-related passwords. The admin account can control who has access to which passwords, thereby restricting access to authorized users and ensuring that sharing passwords doesn’t increase the risk for a data breach.

Keeper Security Enterprise Password Management

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Protect your organization’s passwords, credentials and secrets with zero-trust and zero-knowledge security.

Keeper is your first line of defense against identity breaches. For organizations that look for unparalleled cybersecurity, Keeper’s unique security architecture protects data and systems with a solution that is quick to deploy and easy to use. Keeper gives you visibility, control and compliance so you can be confident in your organization’s security.

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