Download: CISO’s guide to choosing an automated security questionnaire platform

Failing to adequately screen suppliers’ security can lead to data breaches, which can shut down operations, damage customer trust and incur hefty regulatory penalties. An automated security questionnaire platform can vastly accelerate and scale the vendor security evaluation process. But buyer beware: not all automated questionnaires are created equal.

ciso guide automated security questionnaire platform

So, what are the must-have features you should be looking for in your security questionnaire platform? This guide covers the top six, including:

  • The ability to easily send and track hundreds of automated questionnaires and their responses to efficiently communicate with your vendors
  • Context-based questions that weight vendors based on their potential business impact to your company
  • Verifiable vendor responses that corroborate an assessment of your vendors’ external-facing digital assets

This guide is no longer available.

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