Attackers remain persistent and indiscriminate as multi-vector DDoS attacks continue to rise

Comcast Business published results from a report which provides an overview of the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack landscape, trends experienced by its customers and insights for measuring and mitigating risks

The report indicates that 2021 was another record year for DDoS attacks, as Comcast Business DDoS Mitigation Services identified and helped defend 24,845 multi-vector attacks targeting Layers 3,4, and 7 simultaneously. Overall, 69 percent of customers experienced DDoS attacks, a 41 percent increase over 2020.

The data also shows that DDoS attackers were indiscriminate and persistent as no verticals were spared and everyone was fair game – from tow truck drivers to churches, government, utilities, IT companies, online gambling sites, and manufacturing operations. However, the healthcare and education sectors remain favorite targets.

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