assembles a team of advisors and security professionals has assembled a team of cybersecurity experts with decades of experience and a plethora of accolades to help steer its company vision and growth with their security know-how and engineering acuity.

The executive team is led by CEO Petrica Ruta, who brings over 25 years of IT and security experience. That includes more than 14 years at Cisco, where he served as an engineer, manager and principal solutions architect for network security, cloud security and automation solutions.

Rounding out the executive team are:

  • Chief Technology Officer Bogdan Perian, who has more than 10 years of DevOps experience and works across product development and research and development efforts.
  • Chief Product Officer Calin Cornigeanu, who brings expertise that includes a master’s degree in artificial intelligence and distributed computing in tandem with a background in malware research.
  • Chief Operating Officer Cristian Ruta, brings more than a decade of experience in building, supporting large infrastructure and security projects for telco and enterprise projects.
  • Chief Information and Security Officer Catalin Popescu, an experienced security professional with more than 17 years of experience in the field and a military background.

In addition, the executive team is joined by a board of strategic advisors that includes:

  • John N. Stewart – Former Cisco chief security & trust officer and “Startup Whisperer,” with 30 years of cybersecurity experience for providing guidance to startups
  • Andreas Enotiadis – 25-year Cisco veteran with global market sales knowledge and proven team leading abilities
  • Alex Panait – Leading certified public accountant with more than 13 years as a financial services professional and current digital innovation director at PwC
  • Andrei Golesteanu – Senior human resources professional with more than 15 years experience in strategic human resources, working in a global capacity for Fortune 500 companies and current vice president of human resources for NYC Alliance
  • Bob Dimmico – senior vice president of engineering at Riskalyze, known for driving technical innovation and growth in best-in-class products for the likes of Cisco and Lowe’s
  • Gerard Lithgow – 25 years of global sales leadership in enterprise, telco and cloud providers including Cisco who is the current general manager of sales for World Wide Technology
  • Mike Krygier – Former Deputy CISO of New York City, Chief Technology Officer for Google’s public sector – Canada, holding over 20 years of IT and security experience, leading companies with their digital innovation securely and seamlessly

John N. Stewart, investor, board member and former Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cisco, said: “Over my 30 years in cybersecurity, attack rates increased unchecked, making it near impossible for security analysts to keep up. Automation is the only solution, and by bringing decision intelligence to SecOps, is multiplying human capacity to tip the balance back. This isn’t only about today’s attack volume, it’s about getting ahead of tomorrow.”


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