Keyfactor collaborates with Fortanix to improve machine identity protection for organizations

Keyfactor announced a technology integration with Fortanix, allowing leading enterprises and managed service providers to effectively manage all machine identities across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure while reducing complexity in ensuring sensitive private keys remain protected.

“The use of public key infrastructure (PKI) and certificates to securely authenticate digital identities has grown exponentially with accelerated cloud transformation,” said BJ Ferguson, VP of Channel, North America, Keyfactor. “Managing a growing number of keys and certificates across multiple technology layers with legacy solutions is a significant challenge in itself, not to mention ensuring the protection of all private keys. We’re excited to deliver a joint solution with Fortanix that allows teams to easily manage and protect millions of keys and certificates, whether in the cloud, on-premise or embedded in IoT devices.”

Keyfactor and Fortanix combine the benefits of certificate lifecycle automation with robust key protection in Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM). Keyfactor Command integrates directly with any public, private or cloud-based certificate lifecycle automation, providing full discovery, policy enforcement and automation for the lifecycle of certificates. Fortanix DSM ensures secure generation and storage of private keys associated with those certificates.

“As more and more enterprises adopt hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, managing machine identities becomes a more difficult challenge to tackle,” said Patrick Conte, VP of Business Development, Fortanix. “Teaming up with Keyfactor instantly creates a best-of-breed multi-cloud certificate and private key management solution, and we look forward to collaborating on innovation for years to come.”

Key features and benefits of the joint solution include:

  • Enhanced visibility and control: Enterprise security and IT teams are provided a single pane of glass for discovery, management, and self-service enrollment for certificates in multi-vendor environments.
  • Automated certificate renewal: Operations are simplified with fully automated certificate renewal and provisioning across all devices and workloads in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • Private key protection: Only authorized users can access keys protected with multiple layers of defense, including Fortanix Confidential Computing and Intel SGX.
  • Distributed architecture and DevOps ready: Customers can support millions of keys and certificates with the joint solution’s highly scalable, distributed architecture. Developers can easily integrate security into applications with native RESTful APIs and plugins.
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