SecZetta and Active Cyber help clients optimize their third-party identity governance processes

SecZetta announced a new partnership with Active Cyber, a cloud consultancy, specializing in the implementation of Cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions.

Active Cyber will resell the SecZetta Third-Party Identity Risk solution and provide consulting and implementation services to organizations seeking to implement a complete, zero-trust solution to their third-party non-employee challenges.

Organizations in almost every vertical industry are relying on growing and increasingly diverse numbers of third parties to provide the elasticity they need to quickly and cost-effectively respond to operational needs. However, most organizations have no way to centrally track and manage their relationships with this ever-increasing number of non-employees or the access to enterprise assets they require.

SecZetta closes a technology gap in third-party identity governance, providing third-party identity risk solutions that are easy to use and purpose-built to help organizations execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for third-party non-employee populations and provides the most value when used in conjunction with industry leading IGA solutions like Okta and SailPoint.

Active Cyber delivers value throughout the sales and delivery process by consulting with and advising customers around a complete, zero-trust solution to their third-party challenges – one that includes SecZetta alongside these other industry-leading identity solutions.

“Organizations are investing heavily in cybersecurity programs to make them more resilient against cyber-incidents and enable them to detect attacks in a shorter timeframe to minimize the costs associated with breaches,” said Kishore Vankayalapati, CIAM Practice Leader, Active Cyber. “

Not surprisingly, one area that’s gaining increased focus is third-party identity risk management, considering some notable breaches in the recent past used third-party partners as an entry point. The SecZetta solution enables organizations to manage non-employee identities throughout their lifecycle and provides a single source of truth with seamless integration into enterprise identity & access management systems such as Okta and SailPoint. We are very excited to partner with SecZetta to help our clients optimize and automate their third-party identity governance processes, improving their risk postures and increasing operational efficiencies.”

“Active Cyber’s expertise uniquely positions them to advise clients around a true zero-trust approach to identity, ensuring both internal and external workforce needs are met with respect to trusted, authoritative identity data that is essential for end-to-end identity governance,” said Jeremy Rohrs, SVP, global channel, alliances and corporate development, SecZetta. “Non-employee identity governance is critical to limiting the attack surface of organizations relying on third-party services. We look forward to collaborating with Active Cyber to empower customers to maximize their use of third-party resources to support their business needs by managing the identity lifecycle and risk of third-party users and strengthening their resilience to identity-related cyber incidents.”

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